Space Battle Arena

A Programming Game in Java for AP CS Students.

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Your spaceship is very advanced. It can accept many different commands. However, you may not need them all during your travels.

This reference guide describes the functions and uses of the different commands available. See the complete manual for their usage and technical specifications here.

The commands below will be essential to your ability to navigate space and control your ship:

Thrust will fire the specified engine for the given duration with a percentage of the available thrust power.

Idle will cause your ship to wait for the given period before updating the environment information and requesting a new command.

Brake will slow your ship to a percentage of its current speed.

Rotate your ship's orientation by a number of degrees. Positive rotations are counter-clockwise.

Steer will adjust your ships movement direction (but not orientation) by the given amount.

Radar is used to retrieve information about what's around your ship in the next callback.