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Hungry Hungry Baubles [Basic Game]


Hungry Hungry Baubles is a basic game where you must try and collect as many baubles as you can before time runs out.

Every bauble is worth at least 1 point.

However, every player is also provided the location of a golden bauble (added specifically for them outside of spawning parameters). If they collect it they will earn 5 points (3 + 2 additional, if enabled).

If they happen to collect someone else's golden bauble it's only worth 3 points.

Red Baubles are worth 5 points (if enabled, see bauble_percent_red).

The default configuration also specifies that you lose 4 points when dying. See [Game] Properties.

Control Bauble spawning behavior by using the standard Spawn Manager properties.



bauble_points = list[int]

List of points each progressive bauble is worth. Note: modifying the point values requires that adequate images be placed in the GUI/Graphics/Games folder to represent that value.

bauble_percent = list[float]

The percentage of baubles which should generate as the corresponding value. Each value should be from [0.0-1.0]. The total of all values provided in this list should equal 1.0.


assign_specific_bauble = boolean

Assign each player a golden bauble to retrieve given through getObjectiveLocation() in the environment's getGameInfo(). Defaults to true.

bauble_extra_value = int

How many points the 'golden' bauble is worth if you collect someone else's. Only used if assign_specific_bauble is turned on.

bauble_points_extra = int

How many extra points is your specific golden bauble worth to you (doesn't require special image). Only used if assign_specific_bauble is turned on.