Space Battle Arena

A Programming Game in Java for AP CS Students.

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Client Setup

Any Java IDE should be able to be used for Space Battle Arena.

We typically use jGRASP or Eclipse. Look to the right for some walk-throughs on setting up Space Battle using different IDEs.

The general process involves:

  1. Adding both the Gson and SpaceBattle .jar files to your classpath.
  2. Creating a Ship class which either extends the BasicSpaceship abstract class OR
    implements the Spaceship<?> interface.
  3. Execute the TextClient's main method from the SpaceBattle.jar file with the following arguments:
    1. IP address of the server
    2. name of your Java Ship class

Alternatively, to the third step above, create a main method which calls the run method on TextClient with the IP Address and an instance of your Ship class.

If you need to run ships via the Command Line see these instructions.

We also have a complete set of Java Docs available.